50 Men / 13 Women



36″X48″ Acrylic on Panel


Impatiens Balfourii

12″X36″ Acrylic, ink, Stain on birch panel.

Bastard Family


12″X16″ Acrylic & stain on wood panel.

The Bastard Family

We are the scars of our time,
Never a penny,
Dissed & stilled in wine.

Tailored cigarettes & letters
Addressed to our stay in the
Loin’s cave.
We rush to pause,
In a huddle, hurried
To get out.
Relating by libations
& shots of trash-talk.

We’ve been bumming our last
Two bucks for the past two weeks.

We ate masala & naan at least once together.

A green appetite ignites
With our snuff of daylight.
Early hours in the
Easy fall of ripe minds.

Fatigued, working class
Writers becoming a clan.
Content without a word.

In the butterfly echoes
Of those over the fields,
We’ll again amend
Our shelter’s end.

Brother, Papa, Sister, Ma, Uncle, Cuz, Baby… are synonyms.

Bound as a bastard family
Accepts it to be.

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Al Anochecer

image12″x16″ Acrylic, Ink & Stain


Al Amanecer


12″x16″ Acryllic on Panel

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The Merge

12″X16″ Acrylic, gouache, coffee & ink.