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Stall Stare

18″X24″ First of the Bathroom Art series.


The Counter Space

12″x16″ Stain of wine, coffee & acrylic.

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I Grew

I did a 24piece sequence of small 6″x6″ sketches on aged water color paper. This one especially caught me off-guard in post-observation. I take very seriously what art speaks through myself and others – this is also why I am enamored by the creative subcounscious. I find this kind of drawing as a cathartic chapter in my art experience.


gouache and ink on watercolor paper.

Open air
Adjacent door,
The wind combs your hair.
Whiskey laughs carry the clock
Begrudgingly into the city.

We pass the time with eats & drink,
Drunk with hope.
“Taxi – anywhere but home!”

Sex prowls every leaf off our trees,
Fall drops our jaws,
All because we took the clock
Out for a restless jaunt.

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Roulette Fun



$600 24″X36″ Diptych Acryllic on Canvas

One of my recent favorites. An ode to my surroundings – essentially Seattle.


$600 24″X36″ Diptych Acrylic on Canvas