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Stall Stare

18″X24″ First of the Bathroom Art series.


Impatiens Balfourii

12″X36″ Acrylic, ink, Stain on birch panel.

The Counter Space

12″x16″ Stain of wine, coffee & acrylic.

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Bach Alley

Acrylics 12″x12″ (This piece is 1 of 15 in a small series)

Also known as the “Cut”,
I’d fast-walk to and fro from there,
Burying my chin into my collar
As I stepped into Cut’s cobble hallway.
There was a
Stoop or two
To tuck into.
A pale paned skybridge
And a garden rooftop
Billowing green overhead.
Here I’d forget my stress,
At a slower tempo,
Breathe less.

The Cut had a fewer
In that occasion,
A smile and sigh usually sufficed.

My exchange with folks here would always
Include a short moment of eye contact,
A glance and back at the old, red-weathered brick.
We’d nod, pause,
Then they’d step on.
Over wrinkled,
Loose-toothed stones we go.

As if we understood
That we trample over
What came before us.

Fire Escape

Ink, acrylic and gouache on watercolor paper.

It’s not enough to know where it is,
You like to be in the cool,
Away from the flame.
Before dawn,
You rub your fat hands around a hot cup here.
Before dusk,
You clip a nice spliff.
As you breathe in spurts,
Weathered shins cross over these steps.

You can see
The Hudson rushing alongside traffic.
You can inhale
Solitude’s hot breathe.
So intimate, we don’t need to kiss.

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Eulogy For a Ghost

What a friend,
He scared us when we were around,
He Left us when we were down.

What an enigma,
He let children cut him into pieces,
He never got close enough for a hug.
He ate at his nails
And appeared as a smeared chalk line.
He was what we couldn’t find,
In any other failure.

He’ll be missed,
Just like
When he was alive.