The Holes in Your Shoe


Sold. 36″x48″ on Canvas.

This piece was featured in the Eastside City Arts Magazine {Seattle} for July. Inspired by music, the painting emerged from the genre of shoe-gaze. Belle Orchestra, Cool Hand Luke, Brian Eno, Juno are a few major artists who compelled me to think about this piece in a musically enlightened fashion. I felt like I had nothing to offer the canvas, but the more I listened to the writing of others, the more I saw something coming. In essence, the piece’s thesis is that there is something in what we often see as once a lone, noble creation. It’s all collective.


3 thoughts on “The Holes in Your Shoe

  1. Chris Salzsieder says:

    This is my favorite piece, it really has a lot to say.

  2. Seri Ann says:

    Wow. This peice really effects me. It’s the song of a siren, Prestin. Thank you for sharing this, and all the rest, with the world.

  3. Kate says:

    Prestin I LOVE this one

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