This painting is for a close friend, someone I love. I wanted to paint my impressions of the experiences, conversations and feelings I have fostered from the relationship thus far. In drawing this piece together, I intentionally included a mural of representative and symbolic parts as to describe how this person turns my mind.  If the color and pale-eyed faces don’t say enough, call it abstract.

Pen, acrylics and a little fire over a small canvas.

Your comments are more than welcome, thank you for taking a look.

3 thoughts on “Cherry

  1. Kate! says:

    This one is amazing! Well, they all are, but I really love this!

  2. Mason says:

    IM sorry to have to write this but i cannot respect nor eliev you actually intend to sell your work. You cant just scribble a piccassoesc rip and then hurl paint on all of it say you had a painful or religouse experience and expect people to buy your art . Great art comes from the work you place into your work not just experiences or looks and where it is up to the buyer i think you should have more self respect and put some effort into you work.

    • prestinyoder says:

      Thank you Mason for your feedback. I really do appreciate your input, even if it is hard to here. Let me know what you think more specifically on some of the other shit/pieces if you wouldn’t mind?

      Thanks again!


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