The Old Man

I painted this for my Grandpa. He lost the fight against cancer. This piece is symbolic of the sheol experience at death and spiritual perceptions of where the man goes after he is put in the ground.


2 thoughts on “The Old Man

  1. Cece Erickson says:

    Your art makes me think. I like it. My favorites are The old man, 2 worlds one choice and TV sucks. I would like to go to freedom fest and see the art display but will be gone that weekend. I am glad art is becoming more appreciated as a form of expression in the Christian realm. God created color and art in the world all around us and more of us need to look and take time to appreciate and learn from it. Good to see you at the camp out and thanks for sharing from Galatians. Our relationships with others can be so shallow when the richness of God can be ours if we just take the time and open up more and let our defenses down. Good reminder. thanks, Cece

  2. Gabe Molinaro says:

    This piece is incredibly calming and deeper everytime I look at it.

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